Our Mission

We see ourselves as custodians of our clients valuable data and we take the responsibility of it's care very seriously. As a result we have defined the following guiding principles at Cloud-A:

  • We don't presume to have any ownership of our clients data in any capacity.
  • Every aspect of what we do should be designed to avoid lock-in.
  • We believe our clients privacy is a basic digital right.
  • We believe that the utility delivery model is valuable to many of our clients. As a result, term contracts (if required) are designed to be made to benefit & protect our clients.

We make IT Infrastructure simpler to understand & manage so that your team is more productive. We do this by increasing visibility, insight, and manageability of your data while liberating you from the antiquated way IT infrastructure was once delivered in the past.

  • We enable our customers to become more relaxed, productive workers who have the confidence that comes from our proven reliability.
  • We empower our customers to become masters of their own time and not slaves, overwhelmed by repetition and mundane low value tasks.
  • Our customers feel less frustrated because they have more visibility & control of their IT infrastructure & data.

We are not your typical IT folks

We envision a future where our customers become people who love their work again. Traditional IT infrastructure is expensive, painful to manage and inflexible. We are part of a major global movement that is changing the way IT infrastructure is delivered, revolutionizing the cloud technology landscape in Canada. With each of the founders having over a decade of experience in modern IT technologies, we found limitations that made the performance, scalability, security, and automation promises either impossible or not cost effective to truly realize for most.

We often noticed situations where regulatory requirements kept Non-US based organizations from moving to the large US based cloud providers. The questions: “Where will my data be stored?” and “Is your company subject the to the Patriot Act in any way?” as critical for those organizations wanting to leverage the new on demand, high performance cloud-based technologies and meet their requirement for data residency.

Our mission seems to have resinated with many. Over the past 2 years we've had the good fortune to have worked with several thousand new customers, thank you. As a result we are able to continue our growth in a sustainable way.

As we grow we are committed to maintaining the values & vision that our founders have established. Our mission is to deliver our value to the world while never forgetting our roots and how we got there.

A Short History

The inspiration for the Cloud-A came from our founders natural interest for being on the leading forefront of technology advancement. Each having deep experience in the traditional IT infrastructure & software development world, in 2012 the founding members noticed a dramatic shift in the way people wanted to use and procure IT infrastructure. That combined with the experience developing software on early cloud platforms including Google App Engine, Rackspace, Heroku, and AWS
provided our founders with insight in the area between where software developers interface with IT infrastructure. Traditionally those two disciplines were very siloed. In the future we see the convergence of those areas as being disruptive in very interesting & beneficial ways for our clients.

The Founders

Jacob Avatar

Jacob Godin


Jacob is an experienced start-up founder with expert knowledge of infrastructure platforms and network Management.

Before starting this venture, Jacob Co-founded and has been the primary driver behind the growth of Dynamic Hosting that has become one of Canada’s most successful companies in its space.

Adam Avatar

Adam Thurlow


As the VP of Engineering, Adam brings over 10 years of development experience to the Cloud A team.

Adam has successfully lead application development projects for organizations large and small, from silicon valley startups to international corporations.

Brandon Avatar

Brandon Kolybaba


Brandon is an entrepreneur with many years of tech start-up experience. He has founded several companies over his career that span a diverse range of interests. Often called “a numbers guy”, he is always looking to prove a business case or fully understand the ROI of any given scenario. Focusing on creative solutions that leverage emerging technology to solve complex business problems is the type of challenge he enjoys.


We're currently looking to grow our team with members who have expertise in some the following areas:

  • DevOps and automation
  • Backend / Systems engineering
  • Frontend engineering
  • UX, UI & Accessibility design
  • Systems Administration
  • Security
  • Support
  • Communications and community development
  • Sales and Business Development


These are some of the benefits extended to all of our employees, but we are always open to accommodating special needs and requirements.

  • Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your family
  • "Virtual commute"
  • Provided computer equipment

About you

We welcome all candidates irrespective of age, ancestry, sex, gender, religious beliefs or marital status. You are passionate and driven, and work well in a team environment with a wide, fluid array of responsibilities. You are a natural leader, and can take initiative to solve problems that are outside of your comfort zone. A prestigious educational background is not required to be a part of our team.

When in doubt, please apply! We look forward to having a conversation about it.


Send an email to info@clouda.ca telling us about your past, present and ideal future work. Bonus: tell us about things you'd like to fix or add to our website, APIs, services, support channels, messaging, etc.

We try to respond to everyone within 7 days.